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Australia, New Zealand, the Union of South
Africa, Ireland), the French Republic, Belgium,
the Netherlands, the Swiss Confederation,
Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland."
Scarcely one of these, as I have shown in that
former book, is really a fully working democracy.
And the Union of South Africa is a particularly
bad and dangerous case of race tyranny.   Ireland
is an incipient religious war and not one country
but two.    Poland, I note, does not come into
Mr Streit's list of democracies at all.   His book
was written in 1938 when Poland was a totali-
tarian country holding, in defiance of the League
of Nations,  Vilna,  which  it  had  taken frotif
Lithuania, large areas of non-Polish country it
had conquered from Russia, and fragments gained
by the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia.    It
only became a democracy, even technically and
for a brief period, before its collapse in September
1939, when Mr Chamberlain was so foolish as to
drag the British Empire into a costly and perilow$
war, on its behalf.   But that is by the way.   No&^
of these fifteen (or ten) cc founder democracies;3*:
are really democracies at all.   So we start badly^
But they might be made socialist democraci^
and their federation might be made something
very real indeed—at a price.   The U.S.S.R, i^ i
federated socialist system, which has shown a